Increase The Revenue Of The Advertising Spaces Of Your Web – Buy Adsense Account

Increase The Revenue Of The Advertising Spaces Of Your Web – Buy Adsense Account

People are making more money every day with this Google AdSense. Do you want to make money with adsense? Buy Adsense Account. Make your approved AdSense account, Simply add a code in the theme file, and automatically advertisements will start to run on your blog.

7 basic tips to increase revenue:

To increase advertising revenue it is not always necessary to increase website traffic. Most bloggers and webmasters have very high optimization potential following some simple tips. It is more important to harness the potential of a website than simply focusing on SEO issues. Here are my ideas.

This post is based on an article you posted as an external author a couple of weeks ago on Logic’s blog . Those who follow me already know that with our start-up Coguan we move into the world of online advertising. We recently added a service to our offering to help the media optimize and monetize your invested inventory better. Here are my updated tips based on the recent experience of the new service.

  1. Increase the pageviews by user

Among the simplest techniques to increase traffic is the increase of the page views of a blog or website. You can make use, for example, of WordPress plug-ins like “read more” or “related entries” to engage your readers and motivate the next click. You have to keep in mind that the post should be long enough (at least 200 words) to apply this technique.

  1. Lower the rebound ratio of visits

Prevent your users from escaping when they reach your website or blog. Also here is a very useful WordPress plug-in for users coming from search engines. The plug-in identifies the keyword of the search and proposes a series of additional entries that even fit better than the post clicked from search engines. Usability and design are other important factors in lowering the rebound ratio. An attractive photo and good quality is a complementary way to get the user’s attention and prevent it from escaping.

  1. Try different positions and formats of ads

You have to try different positions, formats and colors if you work with ads per click. There can be a tremendous difference between an ad that is placed in the visible part compared to one that is at the bottom of the page. Obviously you have to take care of the user experience that comes to your website and do not exaggerate the optimization.

  1. Choose lucrative themes to create posts

As an example you can say that blogs dealing with finance issues often have an eCPM. Especially in contextual advertising you will notice differences if you work at cost-per-click models. But also in print advertising you will see important differences as I comment on one of my recent posts .

  1. Use various forms of profitability and suppliers for your advertising spaces

There is a world beyond Google Adsense. It’s not good to rely on a single vendor when you want to get the most out of your advertising space. You have to vary between different models and try different companies to see that mixed creates the highest possible value. There are models that are complementary as platforms that allow a direct contracting while allowing the integration of advertising networks so that at every moment you can get the highest price for the ads offered. You can also make use of “Oz” services that offer an optimization of the advertising space making use of display, text ads with photos or videobanners.

  1. Create a mobile version of your site

The web traffic that comes to your site from mobile web devices can become very profitable. At present, this type of inventory is scarce, so CPMs (Cost per thousand Impressions) are paid from 5 to 10 Euros or even more depending on the theme. There are several providers in the market that offer you the possibility to monetize this traffic for mobile advertising .

  1. Add video inventory to your site content

The cost of producing a video today is practically nil. It is sufficient to have a mobile to create the visual content for your web. You can get players for your videos at no cost. Obviously you will have a greater performance with the campaigns and the traffic if you invest a little time and creativity in the process of creation. Typical formats are Pre- and Postroll. Prices are moving between 5-12 Euro CPM.

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