Shaping The Face, 4 Steps For A Perfect Makeup With Ofra Cosmetics

Shaping The Face, 4 Steps For A Perfect Makeup With Ofra Cosmetics

Makeup is important to each of us and we will always look for those products and techniques that hide our imperfections and highlight certain traits. Now, a new technique – that is, the contouring of the face – is the latest trend in makeup , and if you know how to do it, you will be able to bring out the most beautiful features.

This technique refers to shaping the face as a way to sculpt the face to recreate natural shadows and create light.

What does this face-to-face concept mean and what are the steps to achieving it correctly?

You need a Ofra Cosmetics foundation , powder, bronzer , highlighter, a blush and special brushes. You do not need many products, it’s a simple technique, you just have to follow some steps, but see what each one means, and what are the steps:

Basic principles

Countouring. This concept refers to the creation of shadows in certain areas of the face, using a darker product than the skin.

Ofra Highlighting. This step represents the illumination of a face area with a lighter product with 2 nuances than the complexion.

Applying the blush. This is used to enhance the cheekbones.

Bronzing. It is the process by which the tanning looks are created.

Once you have ready skin you can start the contouring process

For face shaping you will consider areas such as the outside of the samples, the lower part of the cheekbones, the jaw line and the outline of the nose.

For illumination, you will target the triangle around the eyes, the bridge of the nose, the middle of the forehead and the chin.

Blending. Once you have applied all the Ofra Cosmetics products, they will be uniformed, leaving no unwanted stripes so that the lighting and umbrellas are correctly and naturally highlighted

Highlighted. With the help of a bronzer, the areas above will be drawn and accentuated, and with the help of a blush you will reveal the cheeks to give that look of redness to your cheeks.

If you have followed these rules and properly outlined, the makeup of the face will have a natural look and will bring out the most beautiful features.

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