Transformable Toy Log Trucks Of Your Favorite Characters

Transformable Toy Log Trucks Of Your Favorite Characters

Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Grimlock are still in fashion. Now they arrive in the best possible way to be victorious of all their adventures. This second generation Transformers , toys of the most striking, represent a true two in one: they are robots that transform into vehicles and vice versa . Do not miss them!

What makes these brave Transformers toy log trucks very original is their transformational ability. That’s why in Simba we present the new transformable vehicles of the Autobots Bumblebee and Sideswipe.

All this from the hand of Dickie Toys , which gets the best replicas of authentic characters. The action is: served with the protagonists of Transformers Robots in Disguise !

The brave and faithful Bumblebee , under the orders of Optimus Prime, is a modern yellow Chevrolet Camaro. It becomes an Autobot, a familiar robot capable of facing the toughest adversaries. This will enable him to successfully complete his mission to save the Earth.

Another of the protagonists that makes Transformers toy log trucks of the most demanded is the Autobot Sideswipe . It has the double appearance of a big wrestling robot and a red race car . He is the perfect companion of adventures.

Finally, Dinobot Grimlock , faithful assistant of Bumblebee, transforms into a powerful dinosaur trained to fight evil. There is no enemy to resist it.

So are these three Transformers, toys that change shape with the push of a button . As simple as that! In addition, these robot-vehicles include light and sound effects to recreate both the car’s sound and that of robots during battles. With them, fans of the saga will be able to make exciting duels and races like those that dispute their favorite personages of Transformers.

These three transformable vehicles add to the rest of Simba’s Transformers toys . Collect them!

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