10 Natural Tips For Optimal Skin Care In Winter

10 Natural Tips For Optimal Skin Care In Winter

Your skin will get well in winter; Low humidity, heating, the many layers of clothes.High time to put one of your biggest organs into consideration: your skin. Okay, there are certain factors that you do not have: the drought of your skin is also related to your age (changes in hormone care make your skin not only aging but also getting drier) and partly with heredity. We can happily do something about the outside factors (but also a bit from the inside). Therefore, here are 10 natural tips to give your skin what it takes to prevent dry skin this winter.


  1. Shower shorter and colder

You probably do not like to read: unfortunately, water, and all the hot water, dry your skin. Shower a bit shorter and a little less warm to prefer to your skin. Unfortunately, a good hot shower or a lovely long hot tub just so attractive in winter.


  1. Choose natural care

Avoid soap as much as possible. Aggressive and chemical cleaning products can dry your skin. Use oil to clean your body. This puts a protective layer over your skin. This applies to your face too. Read more about natural (and edible) body care .


  1. Use a humidifier


To keep it warm at home or at work, we burn a lot. Unfortunately, the warm air is especially dry air and our skin is not here to cheer. Fortunately, you can solve this problem in a simple way: hang water bottles of water or place containers of water above or near it. Regular ventilation can already do a lot!

Tip: Add essential oil to the water – Apply immediately as a remedy (for example, thyme, eucalyptus and sage, lavender to relax, etc.)


  1. Lip care in winter

Dry lips?  Use this lipscrub with coconut oil

The best skin care of your lips is thin and is therefore very sensitive. They do not contain sebaceous glands, their protective layer is missing. Your lips certainly deserve extra attention during the winter season. To get rid of dry spots and loose sheets on your lips, scrubbing is ideal. I have a recipe that you can use:

Recipe for a delicious lipscrub

  • 1tl Coconut blossom sugar
  • 1tl Coconut oil
  • 1tl Honey
  • 1 / 4tl Cinnamon

Make sure that the coconut oil is liquid at room temperature or slightly by heating it a bit. Then add the other ingredients and stir well. Ready to scrub (and you can eat it too)!

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