Healthy Diet & Diet: Eat A Lot Of Vegetables, Fruits And Fibers

Healthy Diet & Diet: Eat A Lot Of Vegetables, Fruits And Fibers

To lose weight you need to eat less calories. But that does not mean that you should eat less. You can eat a lot when you are on a HCG diets, as long as you make the right choices. Choose for food that gives you a saturated feeling for a long time without too much calories.


Fibers: The secret of a saturated feeling while you lose weight:

If you want to lose weight without having hungry forever, you need to eat food with a lot of fiber. Foods with many fibers have more volume (relative to calories), giving you a saturated feeling. It also takes longer to chew high-fiber foods, making you more satisfied with your food. In addition, it takes longer to digest fiber rich foods, which keeps you feeling saturated for a long time.

Examples of fiber rich foods:

Fruits and vegetables – Enjoy all kinds of fruits (kiwis, strawberries, apples, oranges, berries, etc.), vegetables and healthy salads.

Beans – Take some kind of beans of choice (white beans, brown beans, (frog) peas, etc.) and make soup of them, put them in salads, appetizers or as a dish in their own right.

Whole wheat products – Try brown (silver) rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread or popcorn.

Vegetables and fruits of all sorts, shapes and colors are important ingredients in a healthy HCG diets, but look forward to the following variants:

Vegetables that are fried or poured with a heavy sauce are no longer low in calories, so look out for this.

Salads are healthy – unless you pour them with heavy dressings . You can make a tasty salad and add some nuts or cheese and a light dressing (for example with olive oil), but do not overdo it.

Dried fruit – Dried fruit is often calorie-rich and often sugar is added. You can eat a lot more fresh fruit for the same amount of calories.

Fruit juice – Here too you can choose fresh fruit. With fruit juice you can easily get a lot of calories without getting a saturated feeling.

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