Make Money With Blog – Affiliate Marketing

Make Money With Blog – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog, you often write about products and advise them to your readers. This is real make money online way. This is how I write a lot about business books. Often these products are what you are enthusiastic about, but this does not mean that you cannot earn a living. Many brands are affiliated with affiliate networks. For example, a website has its own affiliate program and I get for each book what I sell a percentage of the sales amount. This is for products between 3-8%. Especially books are not really a fatpot because books are not very expensive.

This is what we earned on commission in 14 days via bol site. There are also other product groups such as clothing, interior and food. All these little bits can ultimately be a nice amount a month you do not need to do anymore. But you can also look at products where the order amount is a lot higher like hotel accommodation, vacations and airline tickets. There are also products where the commission is higher such as information products such as e-books or online courses. Then this percentage can go up to 40%!

If you do not have a blog yet, look at each post if an affiliate link is appropriate and whether it’s worth reader. Do you already have a blog but never used an affiliate? By monetizing your blog, you’ll soon find out what your best performing posts are. For example, these posts are found by Google, which causes traffic to be generated for months or even even years after posting. If you have such items, check if you can process an affiliate link to a product.

Direct sales to customers

You can also work with brands directly to promote their products or increase their brand awareness. We do this for Fitgirlcode a lot. Sometimes the campaigns come through our media agency Adfactor, but we are also actively involved in contact with beautiful brands that fit our readers. You can then agree on what you will communicate with your followers and how to handle this.

For example, you can choose to write a review or host a good win on your channels, giving away the advertiser’s products, creating buzz for them. Based on the amount of exposure and size of your range, you’ll find a commercial fee for your time with the brand. Please note that you mention in your article that you are a sponsored mail.

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