Games and toys to make your cat happy

Games and toys to make your cat happy

Today in Cremascota , we present three games and five toys with which your cat will be much happier.

Domestic cats , are a special pet, their character is usually close and playful, but we must not forget that, after all, they are felines, which gives them a lot of activity, skillful reflexes and a special passion for hunting.

Do you want to know how to interact with your cat? What is the best way to play with him? What are your favorite toys?

It is best, from puppies, to make them understand well where the limits are : where they can or can not scratch their nails, how far their bites and claws can be a game and where they start hurting us not to do it again, where they can or not sleeping … As all pets need a basic education and standards of coexistence with people and other animals so that they can be a part of the family and enjoy each other.

And of course, they need to play!  ideal pet products keep your cat heathly .

These are three of a cat’s favorite games

– Stalking and hunting.

A classic version of the “pilla pilla” child. You can play directly with him exchanging roles, sometimes hunting one, other times hunting the other. You can also use a toy, practically any of the ones we tell you in this post they serve. This game will awaken your most feline instincts and you will enjoy like no one else.

– The shelter.

Cats love to be in confined spaces, a suitcase, a rug or just a rope around it, delimiting their position will make them feel more secure and protected. If, in addition, from that place have the privileged position of being able to observe everything without feeling threatened, no doubt they have found their favorite corner.


– The hiding place.

The same version as the children’s hideout game, also valid in its version of the “English” hideout. Moving without being perceived and surprising when you least expect it is one of your favorite hobbies.

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