Treatment With HCG And Lipoma Cure:

Treatment With HCG And Lipoma Cure:

The type of fat is what everyone wants to get rid of when it appears. This is the belly of the beer, the stuffing in the ass, the handles of love, the thighs of thunder, the chin. This fat that exists because the body needs a place to store excess calories do not burn. And Lipoma are no different from stored fats. Lipoma grows from fat cells that are present in the body, is a non-cancerous tumor of adipose tissue that is nothing but fat. However, these lipoma fats reserve fat and exists because the body needs a place to store excess calories do not burn. So, it’s like a fat or reserved deposit insurance.

Body treats these deposits as a safe, but they are in a safe place, not intended to be unlocked and used except as a last resort. So even though a person may have large amounts of excess fat, the body is not prepared to actually record. As far as your metabolism is concerned, “good” fat is the only one that can burn fat. If you do not consume the amount of calories your body needs (for example, because you’re dieting), your body will use “good” fat as its first energy reserve. Only when this has gone to take body start the actual fat excess problem (or lipoma) and at that time, your body has gone into starvation mode and is asking you to eat more so you can replenish depleted stocks.

So to get rid of these fats or lipoma your body needs to use the fats safe or reserved. This can only be done by two methods, either by starving for 40 days or by using the HCG diet foods . I hope now you must have understood how HCG works and how you can dissolve lipomas as well. HCG that makes it possible to continue with the extremely low calorie diet (500 calorie diet) without experiencing extreme hunger. This is because the HCG causes the decomposition of stored body fat, releasing up to 2,000 calories per day into the bloodstream. Instead of reducing its essential reserves, the body is meeting its energy needs by burning off excess fat and safe fat (lipoma) from the body.

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