Diet day: 63.9 kilo

Diet day: 63.9 kilo

One plus of 300g. That was expectable. Such slip-ups are easy. Now it is important to go back to the  HCG diets again to quickly compensate for the increase.

New adversity threatens. Over the weekend I am at a further education seminar. It takes place in a hotel on Lake Constance. But this fact does not have to be a disadvantage. In hotels there are always salads in different variations. Let’s see, I’ll get it right.

Today, by the way, my latest book “Wechseljahre ohne Beschwerde” has been published. For lunch, there are meatballs (meats), which I mix well with 1 pressed clove of garlic, 1 finely chopped scallion, a splash of soy sauce, 1/2 tsp Sambal Oelek, a pinch of sweet pepper, salt and pepper. This increases the binding capacity. I shape small boletes and fry them free of fat in a teflon pan. You can also make meatballs with chicken turkey fillet or fish fillet. Here in Switzerland, there is already finished filleted chicken fillet.

As an accompaniment to the meatballs, I blanch for a few minutes fresh chicory in salt water with a splash of lemon. In Belgium, where my mother comes from, chicory is a popular vegetable. I like to recall my childhood and my mother’s favorite dish: Blanched chicory wrapped in ham and grilled in a béchamel sauce with cheese under the grill. Would be a delicious meal for afterwards :-))

In the evening I make the Golden Proteinshake, which you already know from the first diet day.

Hormony-Natur-Pur-Proteinshake consists of three plant proteins and valuable secondary crops. It is an ideal source of protein as well as for weight loss.

1 Reissrotein contains all 8 amino acids in exactly the correct mixing ratio and has many of the most important minerals and trace elements in high bioavailable quality.

2 Pea protein is probably the “protein bomb” among plant proteins and rich in 3-valued iron, which is important for the absorption of vitamin C. In addition, hemp protein contains the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the optimal ratio.

3 Hemp protein has the highest possible bioavailability among the plant protein sources and contains all amino acids in exactly the correct mixing ratio.

By combining all three plant proteins, the protein value is significantly increased.

In the evaluation of proteins, there are a few terms, or abbreviations, which should be known because they lead to misunderstandings. They are important because they contribute to the assessment of a protein . Here is something more specific:


NNU (= net nitrogen utilization or net nitrogen use) is the nutritional value of a protein. The higher the NNU value of a food protein, the higher the actual protein value, the maximum value being 100%. The lower the NNU value, the more nitrogen degradation products are generated.

Some examples: whey has an NNU value of 18%. That is, 18% of the proteins are available for building new cells. The rest of 88% are nitrogen degradation products, such as ammonia and urea, which must be broken down via the liver. For meat the NNU value is 32%, for fish the 34%.


PDCAA (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) describes the proportion of the protein that can actually be absorbed by the body in the small intestine. The unrecorded part is removed again. Chicken egg white, whey and soy protein have the maximum possible PDCAA value of 1.00. This means that 100% of the protein can be absorbed by the body. Reisprotein has a PDCAA between 0.98 and 1.00, pea protein is 0.9, and hemp protein is about 0.8. In addition, hemp contains additional valuable components such as chlorophyll and minerals.

Biological value:

The biological value (BW) is a measure of how much gram body weight can be built up from 100g of food protein. High biological value means a slight conversion of food protein into body protein with low nitrogen waste. As a reference value of the biological value, the chicken egg is considered to have a biological value of 100. Some foods have a BW which is greater than 100.

Bioavailability :

Although the term bioavailability is widespread, it says nothing about the actual value of an amino acid. Bioavailability means the digestibility of a protein. Since Hormony Natur Pur® protein shake consists of a mixture of vegetable proteins, the bioavailability is 100%.

The ingredients of the protein shake bring the metabolism on the go and can help the fat burning. These are: enzymes from the pineapple, vitamin C from acerola, polysaccharides from the vital mushroom maitake, goji (increase the muscle performance), caffeine from guarana, tea, polyphenols and catechins from green tea, oligomers proanthocyanidins [OPC] from grape seeds and cranberry

For example, during the hCG diet, vegans or vegetarians can replace a meal with the protein shake.

The good news is that two measuring spoons of powder = 38g correspond to only 122 kcal. Thus, the protein shake is excellently suitable as a meal substitute during the diet and, of course, also afterwards.

The shake is suitable, for example, as a breakfast, as a smoothie with fruit or also as a dinner together with spinach leaves, broccoli.

Hormony Natur Pur Proteinshake is an all-in-one product, meaning it covers all the essential nutrients of everyday needs.


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