This Is How Layering – Face Care For Professionals

This Is How Layering – Face Care For Professionals

Mind the order! This is the only way to make the products optimal

In order to ensure that each individual product can have its full effect, it is important to pay attention to the correct order best natural skin care in which the different sera, toner and co. Are applied. From cleaning to night-care there are some rules – and they are not so difficult to remember. As a rule of thumb, one can always note that after the cleaning process, the consistency of the consistency of the products is determined. From fluid to tough. The liquid consistencies are most rapidly absorbed and are applied first. From then on, you get to the final cream, which is usually somewhat richer in texture.

Step 1: Cleaning

At the beginning of every skin care routine – morning and evening – there is always a thorough cleaning. Be sure to observe: Grip to a cleansing product which is gentle on the skin and is best used without or with mild surfactants. Too hard surfactants destroy the acid protection mantle of the skin and leave the skin without protection and dried out. Particularly dry skin depends on oil cleaning or cleansing milk. Anyone who has greasy, uncleaned skin has no problems with a foaming Cleanser. Normal and mixed skin can also cope with a mild cleansing foam or a micelle water. Only after cleaning begins the care, the nutrients, minerals and moisturizes . Without thorough cleaning, the following steps of the routine may not be fully effective. A well-cleaned skin must therefore always be the starting point.

Step 2: Toner or facial water

Once the face is cleaned and dry, a tonic or facial water is used. Many are still spreading the information that a toner is only for the after-cleansing of the face and would still lift the last remains of Makeup and Co. from the skin. That is not right. Anyone who still has dirt and grease on the skin after cleaning will use the wrong cleaner. Very easily. After cleaning, a toner represents the first step of hydration.

The liquid textures of tonics are quickly absorbed into the skin and usually contain additional care items depending on the recipe. Thermal water or hyaluronic acid , but also glycerin are often found in facial waters. They mainly provide moisture. A toner optimally prepares the skin for the subsequent care and ensures that the active ingredients of the serums and creams can penetrate as deeply as possible into the skin. Caution before alcohol: Many facial waters contain large amounts of alcohol or ethanol. This is to be avoided especially with dry skin, because it has an extremely drying effect. A toner is spread with a cotton pad or directly with (clean!) Hands on the skin and not washed.

Step 3: Serum and eye care

Now comes the step of the Layering routine, which is mainly about moisturizing and special active ingredients, which are applied according to the skin needs in a targeted way. Moisture is required for each type of skin. A serum with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, urea or other moisturizers is therefore in every skin care routine well cared for.

A special eye cream is needed for eye care . It should be applied before the daily and / or aftercare, the skincare finishes in each case. It is applied only to the area under and around the eyes, the best is gentle tapping with the ring fingers, which improve the drug intake and stimulate the microcirculation in the tissue.

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